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Light Sport Plane Requirements:

A maximum gross take-off weight of less then 1,320 lbs (for land LSA's) - A maximum airspeed of 120 knots. - Fixed wings & fixed pitch propeller - Maximum of two seats.

A List of Older Eligible Aircraft

Requirements for approved to fly one, are similar to a recreational pilots permit. The major benefit of the LSA is the less restrictive medical requirements. If you are medically well-enough to drive a car and have a drivers license, you should be able to get an LSA license. The other big advantage is the time and expense in getting a license. You can be flying your LSA aircraft with as little as 16 hours of instruction.

What Plane Should You Buy?

There are several older aircraft that qualify, including the Piper J-3 Cub and several Taylorcraft models. The most popular older plane is the 1946 Ercoupe 415C, because it has a tricycle-gear (the others are usually taildraggers) with an electric start. Most of the other older planes have to be "propped" to start, lacking electrical systems and radios.

There are dozens of brand-new planes that are available. Some feature the latest in avionics, with luxury interiors and features like parachute systems. They are also a lot more money. Right now, the best-selling LSA is the $112,000 Cessna 162 Skycatcher, with over 800 sold, and they haven't even shipped the first one. When you look closely at this model, you realize it is really a brand-new Cessna 150, with the old reliable Continental 100 horsepower engine, redesigned to save weight, a beautiful glass panel, and for the joystick generation, a stick instead of yokes.

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LSA Aircraft I Have For Sale:

A Factory-Built Sport License AircraftReduced!
2005 ATEC Zephyr $52,500 $40,000 OBO

Light Sport License Eligible
2006 Wag Aero Cubby $29,500

Selling a plane is not a walk in the park.
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Jim Willess, who died in a 2007 crash of an RV-6, was an avid ultra-light and light aircraft enthusiast.  He wrote this checklist to help get your dormant plane ready for flight.

At Sun 'N Fun, 2007, AVweb's Glenn Pew spoke with Vice President of Cessna prop aircraft sales, John Doman, about recent changes to the Cessna Light Sport aircraft proof of concept aircraft.

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