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July 14, 2023 Click here to mail this page to a friend.
Ignoring Clint Eastwood's advice in "Dirty Harry" that opinions, like certain body parts, are best kept to yourself.
The True Gen

Hemingway often used the term ''the true gen'' (genuine) to distinguish accuracy from rumor and speculation. A good description of this friendship.From the article to the left: Hemingway often used the term ''the true gen'' (genuine) to distinguish accuracy from rumor and speculation. A good description of this friendship.

"If there'd been no Coop, Hemingway would've had to invent him" - Alistair Cooke

Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway met for the first time in 1940 in Sun Valley, Idaho. The two became best friends, and wound up working together, Hemingway writing the books that turned into movie scripts, thinking of Cooper as the main character while he wrote, and Cooper completed those images by performing them on the screen. A twenty year friendship that ended in 1960 with the death of both within a few weeks of each other, Hemingway by his own hand, Cooper by cancer.

The 2013 documentary "The True Gen" tells the story, a most interesting one. I bought my copy direct from the film's producer, paying, I believe, $20 for it. Since then, new DVD copies have not been available, with an occasional used copy showing up on eBay and similar websites. But, a new development, a new two disk Blu-Ray set is available for $30 plus shipping and handling, and can be ordered on the film's own website:

Click here to order Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen - Narrated by Sam Waterston with Len Cariou as the voice of Ernest Hemingway.

The movie trailer: (3:25)

You don’t have to be crazy to believe conspiracy theories. In a 2013 survey of 1,247 registered American voters, for example, just over a third agreed that global warming is a hoax, and half agreed that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When researchers look at how many people believe any conspiracy theory, the figures come in even higher. In the 1997 film "Conspiracy Theory" the character Jerry Fletcher, played by Mel Gibson, is a paranoid mess, caused by CIA mind control experiments on him years ago, with a controlling fixation implanted by the agency making Jerry buy any copy of "Catcher in the Rye" that he sees for sale. So, Jerry owns several copies of the book, none of which he's ever read.

I must have been a subject in that same CIA program, whenever I see "The True Gen" for sale, I have to have it, and now own three copies, finding my latest one in a thrift store out East. Stop at the DVD lending library out by the road in front of the Minnesota lake cabin and borrow one.

Stop me before I buy again.

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Prima nocta is a shortening of the Latin phrase jus prima nocta or “right of the first night.” This gave the ruler the right to bed any female subject regardless of social rank on her wedding night. Similar customs are mentioned in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and the Histories of the Greek historian Heroditus, though the term is not used in either source.

Deep within the most fortified military installation in North America is a 15-building complex that protects the world from ongoing terror threats. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, long dubbed ''America's fortress,'' is a bunker like no other. It sits 2,000 feet below solid granite, hidden deep in a mountain, and was built to withstand any type of threat.

Dean Castillo graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1995. He then reported for duty in Pensacola to begin his Naval Aviation journey. During his active-duty career, Dean served as an F-14 instructor, was a member of the F-14 Demonstration Team, served as a Forward Air Controller (Airborne) and was selected to command an F-18 squadron. His navy career spanned more than 20 years during which he served four combat tours in Operations Deliberate Force/Forge and Iraqi Freedom.

Blucifer, rearing 32 feet tall in a median outside Denver International Airport, the cobalt-colored, demon-eyed, vein-streaked steed has terrified travelers and mobilized conspiracy theorists since it arrived in 2008, but not before it killed the sculptor, Luis Jiménez.

The National Security Agency is using internet data processing centers run by telecommunications powerhouse AT&T to spy on American and foreign citizens.

The pandemic relief was the biggest bailout in history, and it opened the door to wide-scale fraud the likes of which no one had ever seen — more than three years later, we still don't know how much damage was done.

The Japanese cracked every American combat code until an elite team of Marines joined the fight. One veteran tells the story of creating the Navajo code and proving its worth on Guadalcanal.

The experiences of Pilot Teresa James exemplify the dedicated service of WASP women in World War II.

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