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A  lot of things were said to encourage the American people to back a war started on bad information. ''What exactly is Time?'' asked King Solomon.. ''The antechamber of Eternity,'' said Melchizedek. The original Burgess-Dunne had a brief career with the Canadian Army as a flying photo reconnaissance and artillery spotting aircraft in World War I. The Rape of Nanking, where 250,000 unarmed Chinese PoWs were massacred in 1937, is relatively well known. Less well known are other atrocities against the Chinese civilians during the Japanese occupation of China. Between the 5th and the 12th May,1943 there was a massacre of Chinese civilians at Chingjiao, regarded as the second worst in the whole war, that went on for four days, and 30,000 civilians were killed.
Browse through billions of web pages archived from 1996 to now. Without the Internet Archive, much of the history would have been lost. Easy to do, just copy the URL from the top of the page you want to save, go to and paste it in the "Save Now" space. Presto-chango, it is done. Regardless of brand, processed chicken nuggets or shaped boneless “wings” are far more likely to contain less meat and more additives and fillers The two most popular used car pricing guides are Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides, and they are free on the internet. On 5 May 1862, Mexican troops, led by Ignacio Zaragoza surprised themselves and beat the best army in the world. Mexican President Benito Juarez declared 5 May a national holiday ''Cinco de Mayo'', although he knew this was only a temporary victory. The French replaced their commander sent thirty thousand reinforcements, and the French were finally able to regain control of Mexico.
The murdered woman's son isn't pleased with the comedy's portrayal of his mother's killer, nor the fact the film made light of such a dark story. Political cartoons have two elements:  caricature, which parodies the individual, and allusion, showing the situation into which the individual is placed. 90 percent of all earthquakes and 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.
Click to see a larger copy of this chart. All snakes will bite when threatened or surprised, but most will usually avoid people if possible and only bite as a last resort. Click to learn more.
The latest news about the Tsarnaev brothers. The Department of Energy acknowledges more than two dozen accidental nuclear detonations or losses between 1950 and 1980, many of them on U.S. soil. A Massachusetts pilot snaps some pics on his cross-country flight. The pepper trade was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, the enslavement of countless others, the establishment of the opium trade in India and the extinction of the dodo.
The original 1913 IRS income tax form was just 4 pages long, with a top rate of 7%. If you brag about cheating on your taxes, or your expensive possessions or vacations on Facebook, the IRS might be reading it. For now, Anonymous has elected to withhold the names of the alleged rapists to allow an official investigation to be re-opened. A Illinois tollway supervisor, with ties to politicians and mobsters, seems to be hard to fire.
The Digital Public Library of America offers free access to libraries and museums across the country to anyone with an Internet connection. ''The Art of Manliness'' website features articles on helping men be better husbands, better fathers, and better men. the IRS claims Internet users ''do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications''. Women love a bad boy.
Only two Allied bombs hit the targeted Luftwaffe repair factory, but the rest of the bombs caused widespread casualties in the town of Mortsel, Belgium. In some cultures, a baby's name represents the hopes and dreams the parents have for their child. Evidence at the site indicated that the crew had become lost in the dark on return from Italy, and had flown over their base and southward into the desert. A defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces.
This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer and farmer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops There is no research supporting the fear that food can become contaminated with dioxins either from plastic wrap or plastic containers in microwave ovens. America’s poorest cities have one thing in common: they are controlled exclusively by Democrats. In 1815, the deadliest and most powerful volcanic eruption in human history exploded out of Mount Tambora in Indonesia.
As you create a gmail, you might notice that it periodically saves your ''draft''. Those aren't copied over, they are saved by Google in case our overlords want to read them later. Maybe you change your mind while typing and delete that plan to blow something up. NASA provides custom tables, updated daily, showing future and past NEO close-approach data. Pagan religions had a major seasonal day of religious celebration at or following the Spring Equinox. Many religious historians and liberal theologians believe that the death and resurrection legends were first associated with Attis, the god of ever-reviving vegetation. Born of a virgin, he died and was reborn annually. These stories were simply grafted onto stories of Jesus' life in order to make Christian theology more acceptable to Pagans. The brief clip of the woman, captioned 'Time traveler in 1938 film' shows a young woman dressed in a stylish 30s dress walking with a crowd of people.
Some people won't consider part-time employment, but this type of job can be beneficial in the long run. Army cooks knew that using leftovers was a good way to stretch food supplies and save money, and it still is. Details, including photos and locations, of over 136,000 shipwrecks world-wide. The Japanese people say the greatest innovation of the 20th century wasn't some fancy electronic device, it was the invention of instant Ramen Noodles.
A reporter asked White House spokesman Jay Carney how President Obama justifies lavish vacations and golf trips, and whether he plans to cut back. Finding that perfect summer job isn't just for college students, it can be perfect for senior cititzens as well, especially if they have an RV and nothing but time. Studies have shown that people with a circle of friends tend to be healthier and live longer. There was no ''Molly Pitcher'', without the French we'd lost, not all colonists were thrilled with the idea.
Hollow-point bullets tend to stay in their targets, thereby reducing collateral damage from bullets exiting a victim and hitting someone else. The White House has a full-time staff of 3 to prepare invitations to social events. Is that really necessary? The idea of living in your recreational vehicle and working a couple of months for Amazon might sound appealing, but it is back-breaking and stressful work. In 1943, the Japanese destroyer Akikaze removed European and Malay nationals from some of the New Guineas islands in the Bismarck Sea. On the execution platform, they were faced toward the bow, suspended by their hands by means of a hook attached to a pulley, and at the order of the commander, executed by machine gun and rifle fire and dumped into the ocean.
Let me Google some information for you, so you'll sound smart at the office water cooler. The Scooter Store is one of the nation's largest suppliers of power wheelchairs and scooters. The hollow-point ammo is illegal in international war, so the target might be on you, the American citizen. You'll be delighted to know that at least three major federal agencies, including the IRS, will scrutinize your application, which could take hours to complete.
Private Central Banks do not exist to serve the people, the community, or the nation. Private Central Banks exist to serve their owners, to make them rich beyond the dreams of Midas and all for the cost of ink, paper, and the right bribe to the right official.
The Missing Video1 The Missing Video2
A bad slogan is a dangerous thing, and can make your town memorable in ways the residents didn't intend. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are the up and coming technology. Cancer Treatment Centers of America got in trouble with regulators in 1996, when the Federal Trade Commission accused it of, among other things, presenting survival claims it couldn't support.
The fatal flaw of bike locks: Freezing one makes it easy to bust open. The numbers are terrible, over half of retirees have little or no savings. Netflix has a hit with an original series ''House of Cards'', featuring Kevin Spacey as a ruthless politician with his eye on the top job in Washington.  Ron White stood at a black wall in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, and wrote in white the full name and rank of each of the 2,200 military members who had died in Afghanistan.
What drove this meticulous American pilot to set up and lead a polygamous existence in Europe? If you drop a big one while interviewing for a job, hopefully your other qualifications will save you. The story is about money.  It’s about how outrageous pricing and egregious profits are destroying America’s health care and creating even deeper budget deficits. Tell Google to stop! They shouldn't be going through your emails to sell advertising.
A new cattle drug called Zilmax is being widely used in the feedlots where most of America’s beef comes from, but not because it produces a better sirloin. Who said that, or what did someone say? A con-man named ''LeRoy'' embezzled so much money from a West Virginia aircraft dealer that it caused the business to fail. Lots of people would like to find this guy and bring him to justice. Operation Photo Repair’s mission is to save photos damaged by unforeseen circumstances like house fires and natural disasters at no cost to the owner.
If you're from anywhere you have an accent. But, of course, you knew this already, right? This site is the handy work of a few people who are genuine ''airplane nuts''.  Be sure to bookmark it.  If you have watched the TV program ''Person of Interest'' you may have thought that this was science fiction, but it is here right now.
We've seen it done in the movies, someone gets shot with a load of rock salt, and escapes with just a good stinging. But, is it true? Only one way to find out ... Bob Dylan remains very much a boy from Minnesota. With anti-Japanese fervor still high after World War II, media and political pressure was applied to finding and prosecuting 'Tokyo Rose', an American citizen. The 1922 test of Kodak color film was four minutes of pretty actresses posing for the hand-cranked camera.
In The Battle of Midway, Lt. Jim Muri brought his B-26 Maurader in low and flew the length of Admiral Nagumo's flagship carrier Akagi, strafing as he flew.
More about The B-26 Midway Marauders
When coca-cola became available in bottles, whites worried that soft drinks were contributing to what they saw as exploding cocaine use among minorities. The 100 most often mispronounced words and phrases in the English language. No one knows what it is when they drive by. People are so curious about the house and its purpose.
In 1824, French linquist Jean-François Champollion realized Egyptian hieroglyphs were sounds as well as symbols, discovering the language of the Pharohs. To enjoy football games, you should know the terminology and basic concepts of the game, and master rudimentary offensive and defensive concepts. A Ram Trucks Super Bowl advertisement featuring excerpts from a speech by radio legend Paul Harvey struck a chord with its religious imagery. The four Chaplains on the Dorchester, a U.S. Army troopship, gave up their life jackets so that others would live when the ship was hit by a torpedo.
The 1966 blizzard in North Dakota, and I was there, stranded in a downtown hotel in Minot for three days and nights, the weather so bad you couldn't go out the front door, with several feet of snow, and blowing winds.Somewhere under all that accumulation was a sidewalk and the street. We were lucky to have checked-in the day before the storm hit, people died on the highways,  some were lost on farms, trying to get from the barn to the house, they found them out in the fields after the storm. On Dec. 29, 1890, American soldiers slaughtered more than 350 Lakota men, women and children in an event known to history books as the Battle at Wounded Knee.
Susie and Dan Kellogg decided to sell their Colorado home last fall, fill up an RV with their 12 children and travel the country in search of adventure.
See this family on the "Today Show"
San Francisco is well past the due date of 2008 for a major 140 year cycle earthquake.
Started in 1965, ''Head Start'' doesn't work and should be eliminated, but politicians think that it can be fixed by throwing more money at it. The house will always be associated with the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, who famously financed Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt. Willie Nelson paid $750 for his Martin guitar in 1969. it would be hard to put a value on it now. Hotels collect huge amounts of information on guests, and often it is of a startlingly personal nature.
For top donors, inauguration means access, influence and angling for next big job. Robert E. Lee’s birthday, also known as Robert E. Lee Day, is a holiday in some parts of the United States.
When someone Facebooked this photo of Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau grasping a cut-out of Hillary Clinton during a drinking party, he quickly apologized.
Facebook is supposed to bring people close together, but in many ways it can be a detriment to your health and make you feel lonely.
CAUTION: What is learned cannot be unlearned. The killing of 160 women, children, and elderly at Sand Creek,Colorado in 1864, was a national disgrace. The Galactic Empire is laughing at the United States for not building a planet-killing Death Star weapon.  In 1976, the swine flu vaccine killed more people than the disease. March 25, 1976: ''Ford Urges Flu Campaign To Inoculate Entire U.S.; He Will Ask Congress for $135 Million to Make Vaccine for a New Virus to Avert Fall and Winter Epidemics Ford Urges U.S. Flu Campaign To Inoculate Entire Population.''
See all flight plan flights world wide in real time. Click on a flight, then try the cockpit view, amazing ! In partnership with World Wildlife Fund, Coca Cola wants to help create a place where polar bears and people can thrive in the Arctic. You must have seen thousands of photographs of Everest. But there have been none like this one. Weighing over 7 tons, one of the largest pieces of Egyptian sculpture in the British Museum is the statue of Ramesses II who ruled Egypt for 67 years.
Everything you want to know about volcanoes. Stealthy surveillance technologies, and unchecked police intrusiveness combine to produce a situation where government can pinpoint your whereabouts. The USGS estimates there are several million earthquakes around the world each year, and they locate about 50 of the larger ones every day. The idea is, to mint a coin worth $1 trillion and deposit it at the Federal Reserve to give the U.S. enough money to pay its debts.
The check engine light is one of the most frustrating and confusing facets of owning a vehicle.
Converting your salary or prices from years ago to a current value can be interesting. Click to try it.            (Opens new window, so you might have to turn-off your pop-up blocker)
With a population of 130 million, Java is the most populated island in the world. It is also home to 45 volcanoes, making it a disaster waiting to happen. Civilizations developed on the flanks of volcanoes for the same reason an estimated 500 million people continue to live on them today: mineral-rich soil, geothermal energy, tourism opportunities and natural beauty. Following the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, and the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens, we started wondering which volcanoes pose the biggest threat to people.
A greatly oversimplified definition of Ying Yang is that, like a coin must have two sides, everything in the universe is composed of two opposites. A Saturday night regular event on television was ''The Lawrence Welk Show'', with good clean family musical entertainment. Now, the show can be seen on PBS.
Most RV'ers talk about the wonders of camping in warm weather, but situations change for numerous reasons - whether by choice or beyond your control. Most RV'ers talk about the wonders of camping in warm weather, but situations change for numerous reasons - whether by choice or beyond your control.
Most RV'ers talk about the wonders of camping in warm weather, but situations change for numerous reasons - whether by choice or beyond your control. Most RV'ers talk about the wonders of camping in warm weather, but situations change for numerous reasons - whether by choice or beyond your control.
High Cotton is a company with a sense of humor, and they sell the most interesting doormats you've ever seen. The perfect gift for someone with everything.
Since airing on television in 1997, many people have been inspired by this zany, offbeat Seinfeld holiday and they now celebrate Festivus as any other holiday. The shootout at the ''OK Corral'', combined with Wyatt Earp's penchant for storytelling, resulted in his acquiring a tough reputation. But, was it true? The WW II operation was split into 'Market', the massive Allied parachute drop, and 'Garden', the ground offensive. According to this company, if you can no longer trust another person and you want to be sure, then it's time to take action. Well, isn't that just dandy.
A 20 page tribute in an Hawaiian newspaper. With his family at his bedside, Senator Inouye died on December 17, 2012. His last word was ''aloha''. Real Christmas trees sequester carbon while they're growing, The ground they're growing in keeps building up organic matter, which also helps keep carbon out of the atmosphere and in the soil. CNN asked ''If you're atheist, agnostic or a nonbeliever of any kind, how do you celebrate the holidays? '' The answers were interesting. Most Americans recognize Charles Durning as a movie and television star.  But, few know that he fought at Normandy,  the Battle of the Bulge,  survived the Malmedy massacre, and was awarded 3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star.
Westboro Baptist Church has been irritating Americans for years with venom filled message about their demented version of God. According to the mayor of Paragold, Arkansas, ''If you're out walking, we're going to stop you, ask why you're out walking, check for your ID''. A school board member named Andrew Kehoe, upset over property taxes, killed his wife, all his farm animals, chopped down all his trees, then drove to town and wired the school with dynamite and set it off on the morning of May 18, 1927. Kehoe’s actions killed 45 people, 38 of whom were children. The ancient Maya say surprisingly little about what will actually occur at the end of the calendar in 2012.
The article is a serious study about racist music. But, because some people can't handle the truth or history, it has to be marked ''Not Safe For Work''. Flight instructor Rudi Dekkers' life was ruined by 9/11, and now things have gone from bad to worse. French taxes on the wealthy are increasing, while low-tax  Belgium is just a border away. Heavily taxed  Minnesotans are right next to no-tax South Dakota. President Obama’s $60.4 billion request for Hurricane Sandy relief has morphed into a huge Christmas stocking of goodies for federal agencies and even the state of Alaska. Budget watchdogs have dubbed the 94-page emergency-spending bill ''Sandy Scam.''
Toro introduced the first domestic walk-behind snowthrower, the Snowhound, in 1951. Snowbirds spend their winters basking in the warm weather, then return home to the north for the summer months. If you google ''Super Beta Prostate Scam'', you'll find dozens of phoney sites that say it isn't a scam, and then offer to give you a free bottle. Good luck to you, after they get your credit card number. In December, 2012, General Mills' Cheerios brand released a Facebook app asking ''fans'' to show what Cheerios mean to them. What a mistake.
The NSA's surveillance network intercepts and stores all emails, internet searches, telephone calls and fax transmissions with a bottomless database, and can retrieve everything they have on you. Jefferson is a veritable magnet in attracting credit for phrases he never used. Many, including me, don't agree, but according to this author, America was not ready for war, and Roosevelt would never have urged the Japanese to attack us. With skillful manipulation, Russian spy Harry Dexter White was able to turn U.S. policy toward Japan in an increasingly belligerent direction.
First sold to banks, the Enigma machine's place in history was secured in 1924 when the German armed forces began using it to encrypt communications. The incredible story of how an RAF pilot flew down the Champs-Elysees to drop a French flag on the Arc de Triomphe during the Nazi-occupation. The didgeridoo, a wind instrument producing a haunting sound, was developed by Indigenous Australians around 1,500 years ago. From Scotch tape to shopping malls, made-in-Minnesota creations have become a part of how America celebrates Christmas.
''The People's Daily'' published a story congratulating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on being named 2012's ''Sexiest Man Alive'' by the satirical ''Onion''. Picking up the pieces of a bank failure is not an easy task for regulators or the former owners. Consider the case of Raymond A. Lamb. Scott O'Grady ejected over Bosnia when his F-16C was shot while he was patrolling the no-fly zone. The film 'Behind Enemy Lines' is based upon his experiences. Football is extra special when watched in Bozeman.
A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Some believe that blackface is so offensive it should be erased from the cultural record. But, others say it is foolish and dangerous to censor historical events we're not comfortable remembering. I know you’re eager to find that lost item. But not yet. Don’t look for it yet. Thoreau said ''Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail.''
When I was a kid, I drank Ovaltine and sent in a top seal for my ''Captain Midnight'' decoder ring. I didn't know it might make me feel gay in the morning. Chicago also happened to endure a terrible fire that same day, but the Peshtigo, Wisconsin tragedy, taking many more lives, gradually slipped into obscurity. If turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner, then pie is certainly the  encore. One of the more curious phenomena of the Thanksgiving meal is how we can feel completely full, yet somehow always find room for dessert. If being in Helen's Last Will and Testament is important to you, then you might consider being with her for her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.
Life expectancy has been increasing for years, thanks to growing awareness of personal health maintenance. The truth is, we aren’t that smart. Some things to consider when you think you want to be a prostitute.   CAUTION: Article may be NSFW. American Legion Post No. 4 in Fort Collins, Colorado has some interesting trivia on their website.
Nullo is a dietary supplement that claims to eliminate strong personal odors of all kinds. I've worked with a few people who could have used this. The chief executive of Ryanair wants to make ''standing room only'' cabins a reality. The prospect of Proposition 37 terrified the junk food and pesticide companies that want to keep us in the dark about what we eat. Actually, being a cop is a relatively safe job.
Now you see him, now you don't. In 2001, Canadian Air Transat Flight 236 was on its way from Toronto to Lisbon with 291 passengers and a crew of 13, when the engines went out. Television's ''Myth Busters'' examines if an untrained person could be ''talked down'' using the radio. When airline travel was an upper-middle-class experience and people dressed up to fly. Even when it became affordable to the masses after Congress passed the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, flight attendants still served full meals and baggage was included in the cost of a ticket.
The CEO of American Airlines said the company expects to hire 2,500 pilots over the next five years. The 650 pilots on furlough would be rehired first. Considered one of Islam's revered observances,Eid al-Adha corresponds with the height of the Hajj -- the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia that annually draws 2 million Muslims. ''Everyone across the world, they condemned the attack in strong words and they prayed for my daughter. But, she's not only my daughter, she's the daughter of everybody''. The impact of Hurricane Sandy is predicted to range from widespread destructive winds, heavy rainfall and storm surge flooding to even heavy, wet snow.
Diet soda side effects may harm your health, from kidney problems to adding inches to your waistline. ‘Target for Tonight’ is one of the most memorable of the wartime documentaries. It was made using only RAF personnel playing themselves. Soldiers injured and exhausted, traumatised by war reveal the real face of World War II as they are merged with modern-day street views. Whether it's DVDs, CDs, or game disks for your Xbox or Wii, there are ways to fix and buff out scratches.
Legendary aviator Chuck Yeager made history again as he broke the sound barrier to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the day he was the first man to do so. Advertising and marketing were always a big part of the Greyhound business. That didn’t change during the war years, though company operations and promotions did change, reflecting the country’s immersion in the world war. Many believe The Lone Ranger is based on an African-American named Bass Reeves. A former slave, Reeves became one of the most successful lawmen in history. The accomplishments of Bob Hoover represent five decades of test and aerobatic flying, and meeting him at the Reno Air Races allowed pilot Steve Weaver to cross him off the bucket list.

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