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Stun Guns are not legal in all states. Check to see if your city or state is on the prohibited list.
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The program GraffitiTracker presaged law enforcement’s ability to use technology to connect people to past crimes. Good news for train romantics: The once-endangered sleeper is back on track. TIME magazine releases glowing AOC cover, but may have overlooked one hilarious, yet fitting, faux pas.
No matter where we do our laundry, we still have it easy today compared to doing the laundry in the olden days. Those long johns are frozen! One of our children, who knows about such things, baked brownies for my wife Hazel to help her with pain when she was fighting cancer in 2019. Here is the recipe. As a teenager, I was an avid SWL (shortwave listener) enthusiast, listening to English transmissions from world capitols, even tuning in to ''Sputnik'' in 1957. Folks think the people at SPANX have lost their everlovin’ minds.
In the final month of the fiscal year, federal agencies spend what’s left in their budget, worrying that if they don't, Congress might approve less money next year. Mike Huckabee believes AOC is a communist, a ''Manchurian candidate'' with handlers telling her what to say and do, and he is not alone in this belief. If you can't get them on anything else, haul out the mail fraud law. Next time, hand deliver everything. Or, build the college a new dorm. It worked for Rodney Dangerfield in ''Back to School''. Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or conditions. It's basically the same product as recreational marijuana, but it's taken for medical purposes.
I'm starting to be offended by the offended. Parkinson began working on the system in the 1970s as a military project but was unaware of the revolutionary impact it would have on wider society. Beef was a luxury their ancestors in Ireland were likely unable to afford — Irish farmers exported beef to England but ate pork, which was cheaper, at home. No, corned beef does not contain corn. The ''corns'' that give the dish its name are large grains of rock salt, which were used to cure the product so it would last longer. More than 35 million Americans claim Irish heritage, nearly 12 percent of the U.S. population. While fish is enjoyed all over the world, there’s something special about fried fish in the Midwest. It’s not just a meal, it’s a tradition.
Elizabeth Warren fans re-discovered the 1984 cookbook she contributed to called ''Pow Wow Chow''. The cookbook, edited by her cousin and listing the Harvard professor and Democratic Senate contender as a contributor named ''Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee''. On the basis of hearsay alone, Elizabeth Warren really had convinced herself that she is a Cherokee. Conservatives are having fun with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s gaffes and more-than-apparent ignorance of economics, history and the U.S. Constitution. Most of the fish we eat die by asphyxiation. But there’s a better way, both for the fish and for you. You have to think about something when you're having this done to you. But, do dentists commit suicide more than other professions?
The McD's menu has changed so much—do you remember when the Quarter Pounder was new? When you married your spouse, you took a vow to be there for each other ''for better or worse.'' Ex-FBI official Peter Strzok said he found no previously unknown and potentially classified emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop. That was a lie. Some are jokingly calling it the new "Air Force One".
The subject of bad bosses is again in the news thanks to Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator, and Democratic presidential aspirant. The subject of bad bosses is again in the news thanks to Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator, and Democratic presidential aspirant.
The subject of bad bosses is again in the news thanks to Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator, and Democratic presidential aspirant. The subject of bad bosses is again in the news thanks to Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator, and Democratic presidential aspirant.
Cops plant evidence to meet quotas, compete, and settle scores. Eased asset forfeiture with little oversight would just bribe them to do more damage. The Flint water crisis first started in 2014 when the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan was changed from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the cheaper Flint River.
The legendary Panasonic RF-2200 8-band radio. referred to by many as “the Holy Grail” of shortwave portables, others say it’s “the best AM/FM/Shortwave portable radio ever made.
Operating Manual
Upset that your candidate didn't win the election? Next time around, consider voting. Many of the Trump haters didn't bother, because they thought their candidate had more than enough votes to win. At the end, Theranos was overrun by a dog defecating in the boardroom, a dozen law firms on retainer, and a CEO talking about an implausible turnaround. Some films about actual people or events go to great lengths to be as accurate as possible. Others say ''based on a true story'' and then make it all up. It is surprising how little attention is paid to this important issue during medical training.
An anonomous juror claims that at least five fellow jurors violated the judge’s orders by following the case in the media during the trial. He tricked Hitler so thoroughly that the Germans thanked him after the war—with no idea he'd helped defeat them. The dos and don’ts for the women running for president, by Madeleine May Kunin. By 1924, a light bulb lasted up to 2500 hours. The Phoebus Cartel engineered a shorter-life bulb and gave birth to planned obsolescence and price fixing.
While most want to get married in a church, perhaps you and your match want to get married in the fast food place where you first met. In 2016, candidate Donald Trump quoted a letter from his former personal doctor gushing about his excellent health, a letter Trump dictated himself. If you know a government employee crying about the shutdown, and how he can't buy groceries, look up his salary here. You're going to be amazed. If you are rich and famous, it seems that you can get away with just about anything. Any doubt in your mind that this guy was seriously mentally ill?
More than a dozen universities — including Brown, Columbia, Harvard and the University of Virginia — have publicly recognized their ties to slavery and the slave trade. But the 1838 slave sale organized by the Jesuits, who founded and ran Georgetown, stands out for its sheer size. The Jesuit priests who ran the country’s top Catholic university needed money to keep it alive, and sold 272 of their slaves. In an attempt to erase history, an Alabama church removed a pew dedicated to President Jefferson Davis as a stand against what they think Confederate symbols ''have come to mean.'' After inventing ''motor voter'', ''I vouch'', ''early voting'', ''super-delegates'', ''no ID required'', and ''the KKK'', we thought Democrats were out of ideas. Evidently not. In general, the more specific your complaint, the more likely it is to be understood. The worst, most useless and potentially dangerous complaints are broad, sweeping condemnations.
Operation Northwoods called for a war in which many Americans and Cubans would die, all to satisfy the egos of twisted generals back in Washington. Spain has been shaken by allegations of the theft of thousands of babies by nuns, priests and doctors, starting under Franco and continued up to the 1990s. Blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds, war diamonds, hot diamonds, or red diamonds) is a term used for a diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity. Researchers have recently identified something in the human brain that they are calling the 'Hate Circuit'.
Justice Ginsburg's absence of public appearances is leading to rumors that the 85 year old is being kept alive on life support after having cancer surgery. If you ever hear they made a Broadway production out of the classic 1942 film ''Casablanca'', and that I went and loved it, be assured I am being held somewhere against my will. After 9/11, there were indications that traders with inside information had benefited financially from the terrorist attacks. Sources on Wall Street said they had never before seen that kind of trading imbalance. The only airlines affected were United and American, the two involved in the attack. American Airlines stock dropped 39% in a single day. United Airlines stock fell a whopping 44% Being a cop is such a great job, you get instant respect or else, and you get paid to beat people up.
Lutefisk is cod soaked in lye, the industrial chemical used to unclog drains and dispose of murder victims. Members of Congress are not required to publicly report where they go on the taxpayers' dime, and the budget is bottomless. Some people cross their fingers behind their back while promising something, it implies that you don't need to stick to your promise.  But, there are a lot of other meanings. The devices have become our constant companions. This was not the plan.
In addition to all the other perks of office, Congressmen love to go on fact-finding missions that are not only free, but they can make money on their expense accounts. In a stunning display of reverse racism, Boston University allowed Martin Luther King, Jr. to retain his doctorate posthumously. If not for Naval Reserve officer Lyndon Johnson’s sudden need to relieve himself before a bomber flight during World War II, he might never have taken over the Oval Office. The author of this article feels strongly that Martin Luther King, Jr.  was not the type of man that any child of any race should hold high as a hero.
Obama weaponized his shutdown to maximize disruption, closing memorials not normally staffed, hiring security to patrol bike paths, closing self-supporting national parks, throwing veterans out of the WWII memorial, creating new websites explaining that existing websites were closed. In Boston on January 15, 1919, a tank of molasses burst, releasing a thick, sugary tsunami that killed 21 people and injured 150. Airbnb hosts can choose to rent out their entire home or individual guest rooms, like the Lincoln bedroom. This makes hosting a great option for retirees. During the 1920s, hatred was a family affair.
The NFL pays expenses and production costs only. When they asked Lady Gaga to pay part of this, she told them where the sun doesn't shine. The Canarsee tribe from Brooklyn were just passing through Manhattan, actually owned by the Wappinger tribe, so that box of beads was pure profit. After President Trump's speech about the border wall, Twitter users poked fun at Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's Democratic response. Earth’s magnetic field is what allows us to exist. It deflects harmful radiation. It keeps our water and atmosphere in place. But now it’s acting up.
Frontline's documentry ''The Facebook Dilemma'' examines the social media platform’s impact on privacy and democracy around the world. In the event of a calamity, authorities admit they do not have a good plan to evacuate New York City. Just imagine trying to move more than eight million New Yorkers -- including the high number of people without cars -- through streets that are clogged on an ordinary day and then through the tunnels and over the bridges that connect New York's islands to the mainland and to one another. It would not be easy and it would not be pretty. Agitation often accompanies dementia and often precedes the diagnosis of common age-related disorders of cognition such as Alzheimer's disease. One of the most recognizable voices and personalities in wrestling history, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, has passed away at the age of 76.
This guy needs to start asking a few questions. Click to see interesting family photo Christmas cards. Your smart television is one more way you lose your privacy. But, there is a way to turn the spying function off. The Circumlocution Office, satirized in Charles Dickens's book Little Dorrit (1857), is shown as run purely for the benefit of its incompetent officials. Passed 11 to 2, the legislation was introduced by black council member Trayon White, who claimed citations were disproportionately issued, 91%, to blacks.
Marcus Aurelius was one of the most respected emperors in Roman history, becoming famous for The Meditations, a collection of his thoughts, Stoic beliefs, and notes on his life. In ''A Christmas Carol'' Charles Dickens introduces the character of the ghost of Marley into the story to warn Scrooge of the consequences of his selfish life. One of the greatest inland waterways disasters in the history of the United States took place in Chicago, Illinois July 24, 1915, when the steamship Eastland capsized with a loss of near 850 lives. A new Android app has launched with the focus of allowing Muslims to report individuals who commit blasphemy, or insult Islam. No kidding.
The key difference between a democracy and a republic lies in the limits placed on government by the law, which has implications for minority rights. While all recent presidents supported the Boy Scout movement, only Gerald Ford achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. According to the author, the idea that Roosevelt knew ahead of time of the attack on Pearl Harbor is a myth that has become, for many, historical fact. With Japanese planes still swarming overhead, a reporter climbed to the roof of radio station and broadcasted the first eyewitness account of the attack.
When it comes to basic life skills, let’s be honest, older generations are often astonished by how little Millennials know.
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A mini rant on the stupid things that people thank God for. CAUTION: May be offensive to some people. In 1945, Churchhill and Roosevelt handed over all the captured Cossacks to the Red Army, men, women and children, knowing full well the fate that awaited them. A barrage balloon is used to defend against aircraft attack by raising aloft cables which pose a collision risk, making the attacker's approach more difficult.
What if you could get your own immigrant? Get out your checkbook and help solve the problem. Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 to conquer the Soviet Union to use Slavs, especially Poles, as a slave-labour force and to seize the oil reserves and agricultural resources of the Soviets. The old ''$5 gag gift'' for the office party no longer costs $5 bucks, and it could also cost you your job. The founder and CEO of My Pillow just invested $1 million into the production of a pro-life movie that exposes Planned Parenthood.
As one of the Congressmen pointed out later in the hearing: ‘there’s no act that’s too brutal for Planned Parenthood'. CAUTION: Graphic Abortion Illustrations. The Republic of China Air Force is the aviation branch of the Republic of China Armed Forces primary mission is the defense of the airspace over and around Taiwan. ''The Ballad of Buster Scruggs'' swerves from goofy to ghastly so deftly and so often that you can’t always tell which is which. All I can say is, I liked it. Spreading the word of God can be a dangerous profession, especially if your targeted audience likes things the way they are.
Some people march to a different drummer. This fellow could have built one heck of a nice home for what he has invested in an old stripped out airliner. Historically, Democrats supported strong borders because they knew American workers could never compete with illegal immigrants. Now, they support open borders with potential new voters arriving daily. With 65'' smart televsions for $400 bucks, and other real deals, the Walmart Black Friday riots will be interesting viewing on the evening news.
Roger Stone is a political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary ''Get me Roger Stone''.  (This is how the site looked in October, 2018 when we first ran this link.)
2020 Update!
On November 23, 1944 a B-17G bomber landed at an allied base in Cortonburg, Belgium with no crew members on board. The idiot's guide for voting your conscience. The Battle of the Somme was a joint operation between British and French forces to achieve a victory over the Germans after 18 months of trench deadlock. Homemade coffins and caskets range from simple pine boxes to elaborate works of art.
Twitter and Facebook are wonderful ways of sharing information, but it may be that because we’re sharing our prejudices, they’re making us dumber.
With over 50,000 patients buried out back, the lunatic asylum in Weston, West Virginia is deemed one of the most haunted hospitals in America.
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The weapon used when a person targets someone with whom they previously had a romantic relationship is a gun. Kulula Airways is one of three lower cost airlines flying domestically throughout South Africa.
You might be able to collect $100 from Yahoo’s massive data breach, if you fill out the paperwork and can prove your claim. Amidst a contentious midterm election season, two aspiring politicians in Vermont performed the song as an elegant aisle-crossing and a rare cross-party collaboration. I saw this birthday card in a Montana grocery store, and thought it was pretty clever. I should have bought it for a friend who I think would actually do something like this. Under the doctrine ''Ingravescentem aetatem'' meaning ''advanced age'', older Catholic Cardinals may not vote on church matters. Some, especially U.S. Millennials, think this should apply to everyone.
While others looked for the extraordinary outside the ordinary, Thoreau found it in the ordinary. This situation requires more lipstick. Home dish users only do this once, while RVers do it every time they move. This RV Satellite Finder makes it easy to find the best location to setup your Dish Network mobile satellite dish or dome as you travel. Not only do the manufactures supply dozens of these $1,200 headsets to each team, they pay the NFL over $50 million a year for the privilege of doing so.
When grilling, untrimmed fat burns and can hurt the taste of the steak. But, when cooking at lower temps, fat will make the steak juicy and better tasting. From rundown prisons to defunct hospitals to hotels with resident ghosts, discover the creepiest spot in your state…if you dare. Elizabeth Warren asks Trump to ''Pay Up'' after DNA test going back 10 generations shows her to be 1/1024th Native American. Or, maybe South American. This is way too much information about the binoculars used on submarines, but it is interesting that collectors are so interested in the subject.
19th century ship owners who had insured their vessels realized that they might earn more money if the ship sank than if the ship made it to its destination. During both World Wars, thousands of Americans loaned their binoculars to the U.S. Navy, and most were returned when the fighting stopped. In the 1870's, Samuel Plimsoll designed a marking on the ship’s hull that would let inspectors know if the ship was overloaded and too dangerous to set sail.
The narcissistic stare.
A YouTube video:  The Dark Liberal Mind of Christine Blasey Ford. The Dark Mind
Some people are pathological liars, meaning they can't stop spreading misinformation about themselves and others. The Electoral College makes sure that the President is elected as chief executive of a union of all the states, not just a few high population cities. Even if you're not looking to make your life a lot easier you'll want these 27 clever household items. Instead of the loanshark-like terms of the typical payday loan, users have the freedom to pay Earnin whatever amount (including $0) they want for the service.
Advice and Consent has become Search and Destroy. Anita Hill made her claim to fame by accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his supreme court confirmation hearing back in 1991. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Tipping Ann Coulter says: ''It’s clear that the Republicans are simply too white to get the job done.''
In the case of Christine Blasey Ford, she is not a medical doctor, but boasts a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Southern California. Because their lobbying power, restaurants are one of the only industries that gets away with not paying minimum wage. Renting a pair of crutches and having a good story can get you out of something you don't want to do. There is no truth-in-advertising law governing federal candidates. They can legally lie about almost anything they want, and broadcasters are not allowed to edit or refuse ads, even if they know them to be false.
Mount Everest has been summited by more than 4,000 people, who left a trail of garbage, human waste and bodies. Democrat Cory Booker forgets he admitted in a college newspaper article that he groped a unwilling drunk girl as a teen. There is something seriously wrong with this sign. Americans and Canadians love maple syrup. The rich flavor is one reason why it’s so popular, as is its reputation as a good-for-you ''natural'' sweetener.Click to learn 5 things you need to know about maple syrup. Insults often come from people who just don't like anyone different than they are.
These violent storms occur around the world, but the United States is a major hotspot with about a thousand tornadoes every year. Borders and walls have always had enemies that are ready to take them down. ''They told me, ‘this is disrespectful,’ and that I need to get out there and replace the flag right then, in a hurricane.'' When a witness decides to enter the protection program, U.S. Marshals immediately arrive at his home to whisk the witness and his famly away.
The idea that using the time-tested ''OK'' gesture means ''White Power'' is B as in B, S as in S. Confronting people with facts proving a belief wrong does not change their minds. Rather, people tend to disregard the proof and harden the false belief. A clever blogger made Anthony Weiner spoof a new Nike ad using quarterback Colin Kaepernick that touts his ''sacrifice'' in disrespecting the national anthem. Many think others sacrificed much more. Darkest of all Catholic secrets, it is a history of children who entered orphanages but did not leave them alive.
Diamonds are not an investment, most people would be lucky to get half of what they paid if they tried to sell a ring the day after they bought it. John McCain's brain-cancer diagnosis in July 2017 freed his tongue, and tested his mettle, in all the ways he relished. The holiday evolved out of decades of tensions between workers and unions on one side, and state security forces and employers on the other. During the early days of World War II, the Civil Air Patrol played an important part as an Army Air Corps auxiliary program, using their own planes to fly anti-submarine missions off the East and Gulf coasts.
The speed record set by a F-106A in 1959 for a single-engine jet still stands. That’s quite an accomplishment for an airplane that first flew more than 60 years ago. In the case of the death of Senator John McCain, the White House was following the official Flag Code as approved by Congress, something the seething hatred of President Trump by the media chose to ignore. Roberta McCain (born February 7, 1912) is the widow of Admiral John S. McCain Jr. and mother of the late Senator John S. McCain III.. In 1929 Congress authorized pilgrimages to the European cemeteries by mothers and widows of members of the military who died in World War I.
LIttle-known facts about the making of the 1974 classic film ''The Godfather''. Live webcam feed from the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary off the island of Maui. This stack of 14,600,000 bolivars, or about $2.22 USD, would buy this chicken in Venezuela in August, 2018. Our brains are constantly betraying us, transforming our memories every time we think about them.
Telling someone you murdered the guest of honor would definitely be on the list of things not to say. If Kim Jong Un starts anything, it would only take one U.S. nuclear submarine to take out the entire country. How are saintly people different from 'evil' ones? What does 'good' really mean?
Engineers at Caltech have developed a new control algorithm that enables a single drone to herd an entire flock of birds away from airports. Editorials in more than 100 newspapers, all on the same day, will decry President Trump's anti-press rhetoric. Weight loss experts say the time to start thinking and living as a thinner, healthier person is right now. Lots of research has shown social support and good health are connected. My daughter Sarah (left center) and friends.
There are many things that amuse, confuse, baffle and astound Irish people about life in America. The Lost Squadron of six P-38s and two B-17s landed on Greenland ice in 1942 due to bad weather and low fuel, during a mission called Operation Bolero. In 1844, Oregon territory banned slavery, and required Negroes to leave. It became the only state to ban blacks from entering, living, voting or owning property. National Park visitors reported the man was harassing and herding bison, and he is being held without bail while awaiting trial.
A public university president in Oregon gives new meaning to the idea of a pensioner. If your laptop is coming with you on a trip, you'll need to take same precautions to keep it safe. In 2009, Bernie Madoff's scheme, possibly the biggest investment fraud in the nation's history, was among the hardest to uncover. There is nothing more British than fish and chips. So how, when and where did this quintessentially British dish come about?
Cops can take cash and property from people without convicting or charging them with a crime through a practice known as civil asset forfeiture. This parent solved the problem right away. Are your kids grown up and old enough to be self-sufficient, yet they're still living with you? Being a mailman is hard work. As senior vice president of health affairs for the University of Florida, Dr. David Guzick's salary is $1.2 million per year.

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