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Amy Wax and free speech groups say the university is trampling on her academic freedom. Students ask whether her speech deserves to be protected. One of the most famous songs of all time references a dark desert highway. The Eagles made rock and roll history when they released Hotel California in the late 1970s. Intrigued by its cryptic lyrics, fans speculated about Hotel California’s meaning for decades.
Dogs have been man's best friend for at least the past 15,000 years, and science now shows that this symbiotic relationship has been as beneficial for humans as their canine companions.
More About This Dog
Operation Mockingbird was an alleged CIA project that recruited journalists to write fake stories promoting government ideas while dispelling communist ones.
Explore 10 little-known aspects of one of naval history's most legendary-and deadly-voyages, Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe. Speechwriters have been part of the presidential entourage since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All presidents have all had aides valued for their phrasemaking skills and their rapport with the boss, they are phantom presences, sensed but never seen. Many years ago, Ted Kennedy, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, delivered a particularly powerful speech and afterwards, a newspaper man asked if he could take a photo of the Senator with the young man on his staff that wrote it. Kennedy refused. A stunning, long-overlooked Nixon Watergate-era tape shows Richard Nixon warning CIA Director Richard Helms that he knows of CIA involvement in the murder of John F. Kennedy- ''I know who shot John.'' Alerted to the imminent arrival of hostile U-boats along the U.S. East Coast in early January 1942, the U.S. Navy had enough warships at hand to thwart the German offensive—but instead chose to do nothing.
The House Oversight Committee is demanding that first son Hunter Biden’s art dealer hand over sales information and book an interview with congressional investigators about possible influence-peddling. With the cold and flu season comes Phlegm, a thick secretion in the airway causing you to cough trying to get rid of it. Phlegm usually contains mucus with virus, bacteria, other debris, and sloughed-off inflammatory cells. Once phlegm has been expectorated by a cough, it becomes sputum. Chairman James Comer and Oversight Committee Republicans are investigating the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings to determine whether these activities compromise U.S. national security and President Biden’s ability to lead with impartiality. Members of the Biden family have a pattern of peddling access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves, often to the detriment of U.S. interests. Former President Richard M. Nixon has decided to do without the Secret Service detail that has accompanied him since he left the White House in 1974, and he will use protection that will not by paid by the taxpayer. Mr. Nixon was the first former President to refuse Federal protection.
From the Middle Ages to the Victorian Era, life was full of hazards. Venturing out was a gamble, balancing humours was a matter of life and death, and walking on floors could be a health risk. Marrying young and having lots of kids was a must, and raising children was a game of Russian roulette. Oxford debates got deadly, hospitals were grimy, crossing streams was not worth the risk, London bakeries were full of cobwebs and critters, and the Victorian home was a deathtrap. There are many articles on the internet by ''experts'' who say ''sleep facing North'' or ''sleep facing South'' or maybe ''East'' or ''West''. Try them all and you decide. Burmese pythons are too good at what they do — they’re nearly undetectable to both humans and their prey, they barely need to move and when they do they’re deadly. On top of that, they have lots of babies. On March 20, 1967, the operational phase of Popeye began. Pilots and their crew would soar over select regions of Vietnam with a canister of silver or lead iodide, which were, by the 1960s, considered two of the primary sources of water condensation nuclei. The plane crew would ignite the canisters and release particle-rich smoke into an existing storm. If all went well, the jolt of artificial nuclei would reverberate through the system, forcibly spurring additional precipitation.
In 1920, Ford began using the newspaper he owned to attack Jews. Every week for nearly two years, the paper published articles that assailed Jews for being sneaky and treacherous and conspiring to control the global financial system, a common Jewish stereotype. Ford also accused Jews of scheming to dominate such American industries as Hollywood, farming and liquor distribution. The Left insists on forcing others to wear masks is that controlling others’ lives is in the Left’s raison d’etre. Controlling others is what leftism is all about. That is why the Left seeks ever-expanding government. There is no such thing as increasing the size of government but not increasing the amount of government control over people’s lives. With the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act already in place since 2013, it is only a short step to the complete squelching of dissent. The government controls the media through injecting many pro-government texts into the marketplace of ideas. This is obviously already being done, and has been pursued since the ratification of the Act. Just turn on the news. A good example, Anthony Fauci, was decreed to be the final authority on ''The Science'' and transformed into the darling of the mainstream media. When the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed, Mississippi would lose federal funding for schools if it did not desegregate. In 1965, the state agreed to the act, but avoided desegregation in other ways. Parents could choose whatever school they wanted, but Blacks who sent their children to white schools lost jobs, were evicted, suffered cross burnings and racial harassment. Jackson now has a Black population of 80%, because of the ''white flight'' that occurred in recent years.
Did you know Saint Patrick wasn't actually Irish? Or that St. Patrick's Day parades in the U.S. were originally a means for early Irish immigrants to show their collective pride? The events even attracted hopeful political candidates vying for the Irish-American voting block. The reaction to Elon Musk's effectively condemning one of the most sacred rites of the ''woke'' left's false religion of transgender idolatry nearly broke Twitter with the vast majority of responses being those of praise for Musk's willingness to wade into the toxic ideological war that has upended America. After the war, GM and Ford Motor Company sued the United States for bombing their German factories, and in 1967 they collected from the U.S. government $33 million in damages to GM and $13 million to Ford. Both General Motors and Ford insist that they bear little or no responsibility for the operations of their German subsidiaries, which controlled 70 percent of the German car market at the outbreak of war in 1939 and rapidly retooled themselves to become suppliers of war materiel to the German army.
Experts estimate that there are only 20 to 50 authentic Confederate battle flags on the private collectors' market today. These flags, also called the rebel flag and colloquially called the Confederate flag, are marked by a large blue 'X' and adorned in white stars. Though this flag is today primarily associated with the Confederacy, it was only the flag used during combat. How many religions do you know that require the wearing of a colander? Or an entirely white wardrobe? Or that frequently combine worship with hog-roast rodeos? Here are several faiths you may not know existed. Did the death of Caesar curse the day, or was it just Shakespeare’s mastery of language that forever darkened an otherwise normal box on the calendar? If you look through history, you can certainly find enough horrible things that happened on March 15, but is it a case of life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Julius Caesar's forgotten assassin: William Shakespeare might have given Marcus Junius Brutus all the credit, but Caesar's true betrayer was a much closer friend, Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus.
A Netflix docuseries tries to untangle the many theories surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight that shocked the world. ''Doctor'' Jill Biden, who isn't a real doctor, congratulates a man, who isn't a real woman, for being named ''Woman of the Year''. Passing out yearbooks has become common practice at the end of the school year. But believe it or not, the tradition of handing out yearbooks and exchanging them with your schoolmates stems from the late 1600s. Even though photographs hadn't been invented yet, students would sign each other's school scrapbooks. In the 1980's many insolvent thrifts were allowed to remain open. They came to be known as ''zombies.'' Moreover, capital standards were reduced both by legislation and by decisions taken by regulators. Federally chartered S&Ls were granted the authority to make new and ultimately riskier loans other than residential mortgages. The limit on deposit insurance coverage was raised to $100,000, making it easier for troubled or insolvent institutions to attract deposits to lend with.
The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. It is composed of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud, founder of the Emirate of Diriyah, known as the First Saudi state, and his brothers, though the ruling faction of the family is primarily led by the descendants of Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, the modern founder of Saudi Arabia. The application of the Fifth Amendment is defined. In the case of Haynes v. United States, (1968) the requirement to register guns has been ruled an unconstitutional infringement for a certain protected class. The good news is that you can readily join this class. The bad news is, you have to become a felon or prohibited person to enjoy freedom from registration. Have you ever got the feeling that you are being watched no matter where you go? If you own an Android smartphone, then Google is watching and tracking you continuously. They say you can turn this off, but I'm pretty sure that if Google or our overlords wanted to, they could turn it back on without you knowing it. This is a  map from my phone from 2020 and it is still on the phone and Google's computers.  By the way, great fish and chips at that restaurant. The Needle's name is rather misleading. The obelisk predates Cleopatra's birth by about 1,400 years. It's seriously old, dating back to around 1450 BC, when it was built by order of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Additional hieroglyphic engravings were added a couple of centuries later by Rameses II. But, how did it get from Egypt to London?
Lightfoot was counting on African-American voters to help her over the finish line and compensate for the support she lost among lakefront voters disappointed with her record on reform, transparency and crime. Not even having guards pressure inmates at city jails to vote, or offering extra credit to high schoolers to help get out the vote worked. This is the first time in 40 years that a Chicago mayor has lost a bid for re-election. The elephant in the room, the fundamental to which we must never refer, is propensity toward criminality. It is simply a fact that blacks, and particularly young black men, engage in lawless conduct, very much including violent conduct, at rates (by percentage of population) significantly higher than do other racial or ethnic groups. How does a 15-foot high B-25 medium bomber go missing in a 20-foot deep river? Several once-classified documents have helped to shed light on the B-25’s mysterious flight, but its final resting place is still unknown. These days, the U.S. military only trusts its best pilots behind the stick of its most advanced aircraft. In the days of World War II, that just wasn’t the case. The United States would build 300,000 airplanes over the course of the war, and it needed pilots and crewmen to test and transport them as well as fly them into combat.
On July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter emerged from days of isolation to deliver the most important and memorable address of his life. Carter spent more than a week cloistered at Camp David, where he met with a steady stream of visitors who shared their hopes and fears about a nation in distress, due to another in a series of energy crises. The speech, a sincere view of our situation, would go on to sink Carter's presidency. To ''bury the lede'' (or ''lead'') means to delay sharing the essential information in a story, and beginning with secondary details instead. While burying the lede is often treated as a writing mistake made by rookie writers, it can also be used deliberately as a way to mask a story's true meaning to elicit a specific response from readers, or get you to read the entire article looking for the answer to the headline. 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About The Death of Mark Middleton. In 1986, retired U.S. president Jimmy Carter set up the global Guinea Worm Eradication Program, when 3.5 million people across rural Africa and Asia were afflicted by the excruciating parasite that has plagued humans for thousands of years. ''I'd like the last Guinea worm to die before I do'', Jimmy told reporters. He might just make it.
Prince Harry, who many people believe isn't really related to King Charles, and his wife are becoming the laughing stock of both England and the Colonies, with their antics to monetize the situation, and going on a world-wide tour to demand privacy. How the landmark 1978 Supreme Court decision that upheld the practice may ultimately have set it on a path to being outlawed. Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr.’s opinion allowed affirmative action to continue based solely on the educational benefits of diversity for all students. Six United States Marines raised the American flag atop Mount Suribachi amid horrific combat on Iwo Jima, the intense wartime scene captured in perfect angle and frame by photographer Joseph Rosenthal, on this day in history, Feb. 23, 1945. The raw power of the image instantly gripped a nation at war with Nazi Germany in Europe and imperial Japan in the Pacific - young American fighting men unfurling the Stars and Stripes on a remote island far from home in World War II. Santino Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio is the subject of intense debate on social media after the owner posted a sign that said “Now hiring non-stupid people,” with some finding it hilarious while others got offended.
Born in 1957 in China's northern Shanxi province, Wu has been involved in ''near space'' research-the vast skies above commercial airline routes, but below orbiting satellites for three decades. Rumination is the process of carefully thinking something over, pondering it, or meditating on it. In psychology, the term refers to obsessive repetition of thoughts or excessively thinking about problems. Rumination can also refer to the process of chewing over and over again, as is done by ruminant animals, like cows. Columnist Tammy Swift sees no reason to mess with the typical romantic gestures and treasures for important events like Valentine's Day, birthdays, or anniversaries. If you truly want to make a splash, present something that is rare and in-demand and incredibly valuable: buy her food. Concerns over Harris's nomination have affected the Democrats' approach to the 2024 election. Most Democrats are unwilling to offer public criticism of the vice president and her chances, given that she is the first woman and first black woman to occupy the position. Still, the concern over her electability is talked about in the background.
As you make your retirement plans, knowing the approximate amount you will receive in benefits and your life expectancy will help you reach your goals. Since Social Security first began paying monthly Social Security benefits in 1940, life expectancies have changed. The life expectancy for men reaching age 65 on April 1, 2022, has increased more than 6 years to age 84.1. For women reaching age 65 on April 1, 2022, life expectancy has increased nearly 7 years to age 86.7. Without any real audit of the approximate $60 billion in western funds which have disappeared into Ukraine over the past 12 months, the country’s political and oligarch classes have been able to steal with near impunity, leaving what is left of Ukraine in an increasing downward spiral as a result of allowing the country to be used as NATO’s proxy in the West’s war against Russia. Women in the US took on many positions while men were serving overseas during World War II. Some worked in factories, while others volunteered with the Red Cross. Many served via the skies, taking up positions in newly-formed female piloting organizations tasked with ferrying planes from factories to military bases. Our government has known for decades that amber turn signals save lives. A 2008 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study concluded that, in the real world, cars with red turn signals are, on average, 22 percent more likely to be hit from behind than cars with amber indicators during a turn-signal-relevant maneuver such as turning, changing lanes, or parking. So, why don't we change things?
Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution says the President ''shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.'' He doesn't have to do it in-person, a letter will suffice, or in this modern age, he could simply ''phone it in''.
Tom DeLay left congress in discrace and nearly went to prison. In Maxine's case, everyone just looks the other way. Tom DeLay left congress in discrace and nearly went to prison. In Maxine's case, everyone just looks the other way.
Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It may also help prevent certain diseases and even prolong your life. Walking is free to do and easy to fit into your daily routine. All you need to start walking is a sturdy pair of walking shoes. In Super Bowl I, the NFL champion Green Bay Packers defeated the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10, on January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Although ticket prices averaged $12, the game was not a sellout—the only non-sellout in the game's history. The game drew 61,000 fans and was televised by CBS and NBC.
It wasn't just Will Rogers or Yogi Berra that said things that became memorable. Here are one hundred other quotes from famous people worth remembering. This one from Bryant Gumbel wasn't included in the Reader's Digest article. Wonder why. Democrats and far-left environmental groups are pushing to regulate several other household appliances and items, including water heaters, furnaces, washing machines, microwave ovens and shower heads, in their quest to get Americans away from fossil fuels. Here are six fibs you're very likely to hear the president recite in his State of the Union speech on February 7, 2023. They should be tagged with the label of the left's favorite word this year: ''disinformation.'' We can compare what the author of this article predicts with the actual results on February 8th. Planned Parenthood has been preparing for the post-Roe era for years. Now that it is here, Americans can see just what the abortion giant plans to do about it. In a unique move, the women’s health provider will launch a mobile clinic that will roam near the border of states where abortions are illegal.
Masabumi was a Japanese civil servant who survived the sinking of the Titanic on 15 April 1912 but found himself condemned and ostracized by the Japanese public, press, and government because of a misconception that he decided to save himself rather than go down with the ship, and was branded a 'coward', even in Japanese school textbooks. Every year, Americans in snowy states wait with bated breath to see whether Punxsutawney Phil will spot his shadow. And every year, we take Phil’s weather forecast – six more weeks of winter, or an early spring? – as gospel, meteorology be damned. Vice President Kamala Harris stopped giggling long enough to help professional race baiter Al Sharpton spin the story of a black man being killed by black policemen as ''racist''. When Joe Biden leaves the White House and checks into the nursing home, he'll have lots of stories to tell the other inmates.
I know this is old news, but this photo just popped up on the internet and it is too good not to use. In 1975 the US Government declared the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown a National Historic Landmark. On its hangar and flight deck, it showcases the most significant aircraft in US aviation history. These include the Hellcat, Crusader, Tomcat, and Corsair. Even with journalists from around the world covering the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II, it was Latin America that proved deadliest for reporters last year, with violence against them spiking to new levels. There were nearly as many journalists killed in Mexico alone as there were in Ukraine. Keeping Caroline Biden out of prison was a Biden family affair and Hunter Biden was at the center of the effort. He moved to the West Coast saying his sister-in-law and former lover Hallie Biden had asked him to leave the state of Delaware. His day to day in California was spent cooking batches of crack cocaine and negotiating rates with prostitutes. But Joe Biden thought Hunter Biden was a ''good influence'' on Caroline, his brother Jim's daughter.
With nearly 50 years of D.C. wrangling behind him, maybe it's no surprise there's also a hefty list of allegations and supposedly shady situations in the wake of this 46th man elected executive in chief. This quote from Shakespeare's 'Henry VI' is very much misquoted and misunderstood. It comes from the evil character Dick the Butcher, henchmen to Cade, a political rebel, in a conspiracy to destroy the country's social order and stability. The plan was that if the social underclass were to kill all educated people (anyone that could read and write) they could cause a revolt. More than 70 years ago, Navy Capt. Royce Williams flew in one of the greatest dogfights of all time, taking on seven Soviet jets alone in an engagement that remained classified for decades. Many people believe that Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet. That honor goes to Sir John Harington in 1596. Crapper, an English plumber born in the 1800s, invented several products that helped modernize the bathroom experience, during a time when people were bashful about bodily functions and didn't want to talk about anything related.
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The official story was Ray killed Martin Luther King, Jr. and acted alone. Yet Ray interrupted his own plea hearing to disavow the government's ''no-conspiracy'' theory at the very moment it was being read into the record. Later, Ray said he had been coerced into it by his attorney, exaggerating the strength of the prosecution's case, making Ray believe a guilty plea would save him from the electric chair. There are those that think Joe Biden has outlived his usefulness to the Democratic party. Every year, 90,000 ships pass through the narrow sea lane of the Malacca Strait, linking the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Their cargoes of grain, crude oil, and other commodities comprises about 40% of global trade. Above these ships is one of the busiest air routes in the world, and below is a dense array of submarine internet cables that keep the world online.
Wherever there’s a light bulb, there’s somebody whose job it is to change it. That’s true whether we’re talking about a street lamp or those blinking lights way at the top of a television tower. 10 conspiracy theories about the U.S. government that many people continue to believe, even though the proof is sketchy or nonexistent. Or, so they say ... President Biden made a bid deal about full financial disclosure and posted his tax returns on the internet. Suddenly, last summer, they disappeared. Was the ''10% for the Big Guy'' causing some problems? Hunter claimed to be paying nearly $50,000 a month in rent to live in Joe's house. Looks like a clever money-laundry scheme to many. Click to see his tax returns before he deleted them. According to a new study, Viagra lowers the risk of heart disease in men by up to 39 percent. And, men who take the drug also appear less likely to suffer an early death from any cause.
Many consider Friday the 13th unlucky, a superstition that can truly affect someone’s actions on that date. And sure, while some lucky things have happened on the date, some odd (and even creepy) events have taken place. Federal prosecutors could decide soon whether to indict the president’s son on tax and gun charges, and he faces a fresh round of hostile congressional hearings. But a close look at his story shows that it differs in important ways from the narrative promoted by Republicans. January 15th, 2009, was the day that a US Airways Airbus A320 aircraft landed on the Hudson River. Thanks to the pilots' skills and response, all 150 passengers and five crew survived. What seemed destined to be a tragedy became an extraordinary tale of success and survival. All of us are subject to primary aging, the inevitable biological aging processes that take place in all living organisms. Gerontologists use the concept of functional age to signify the actual competence and performance of older adults, irrespective of their chronological age. The author feels Joe Biden has a much lower functional age than most of his septuagenarian peers.
A Mood of the Nation Poll, conducted Nov. 30-Dec.7, 2021, finds that over half the American public disapproves of the job that Joe Biden is doing as president. Perhaps more importantly, the survey provides a window directly into the reasons behind the low approval ratings received by Mr. Biden. On a ''MEET THE PRESS'' show in 2014, they revisit an archived program from 1975 where Idaho Democratic U.S. Senator Frank Church discusses and foretells of the 'overreach' of the federal governments' use of electronic surveillance. Your kitchen is most likely to be affected when disaster strikes. A power outage will cripple most kitchens, but those with gas ranges will have an advantage over others without power. A portable generator is not going to power an electric range, forcing those people to use other methods to provide meals for the family.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a dramatic call to the American people to protect and defend four universal human ideals in his State of the Union address on this day in history, January 6, 1941. Now known as the Four Freedoms speech, FDR's remarks that day served as a spiritual call to arms for the American people who, before the year was out, would be thrust violently into World War II.  The Freedom Caucus is a small group of 30-odd hardline right wingers inside the Republican House conference. Wielding legislative power in Washington requires being able to pass routine, party-line votes. But the Freedom Caucus is infamous for withholding its support on such pro-forma measures, and grinding GOP governance to a halt. No need to haul fragile Coleman lanterns with mantles and fuel or big and expensive electric ones on your next camping trip. Use your flashlight (the one shown costs a dollar at Walmart) to light up the entire campsite with these simple tips. And, the next time the power goes out at home, give this a try. Authorities in El Paso have been tearing down migrant encampments under cover of darkness and dispatching hundreds of them across the border to Mexico, to make it look better. Someone suggested they just fly Joe to Des Moines, Iowa, tell him it was El Paso, and he'd never know the difference.
The border is not the destination for those migrants, the interior of the United States is. So the Biden administration is picking up the smuggling conspiracy where the smugglers left off, and paying $86 million in hotel fees to do so until those migrants can be on their way. Either the author is off his meds, or he has figured out something that none of us have. Hendrie claims the earth is flat with the north pole in the center of a circular plane. The south is at all points at the perimeter of the plane. Antarctica actually covers the entire circumference of the earth plane. Radio communication around the world would not be possible unless the Earth was flat, otherwise they would just shoot off into outer space. The Gleason's map of 1892 is a rare projection of the world and held up by many in the ''flat earth'' community as a true representation of the Earthly realm we inhabit. Operation Mole Cricket 19 was a suppression of enemy air defenses campaign launched by the Israeli Air Force against Syrian targets on June 9, 1982, at the outset of the 1982 Lebanon War. The operation was the first time in history that a Western-equipped air force successfully destroyed a Soviet-built surface-to-air missile network.
I've been RVing for years, and had no idea. Campers put flamingos at their campsite to identify themselves as a part of the swinging lifestyle. Those who want to meet or interact with others with the same lifestyle will use the flamingos to make it easier for others to spot them. This is a very subtle method for attracting like-minded individuals. I would have loved to be in the conference room when the advertising agency showed the Serta executives those commercials for the first time. The president who threatened to ‘end’ Nord Stream earlier this year resides not in the Kremlin but the White House. US President Joe Biden could not have been clearer when, in early February, he promised to bring Nord Stream ‘to an end’ should Russian troops and tanks enter Ukraine. Julebukking.The phrase, pronounced YOO-la-book-er, literally means ''Christmas goats,'' shorthand for the folk custom of dressing in disguise-traditionally, with a goat-skinned, masked ''bukk'' in the lead-between Christmas and the New Year, then going door-to-door to surprise friends and neighbors.
The radical left-wing mayor of Richmond, Virginia, which used to serve as the capital city of the Confederacy, has issued an order for the body of a Confederate general be disinterred and reburied as part of an effort to be ''more inclusive.'' Nothing says Christmas quite like a fruitcake - or, at the very least, a fruitcake joke. A quip attributed to former ''Tonight Show'' host Johnny Carson has it that ''There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.'' The sweet and spicy beverage has been a holiday staple for hundreds of years, but not everyone knows what it’s made out of, where it comes from or why we drink it near each year’s end. A behind the scenes look at the 1962 film ''Mutiny on the Bounty''. How Brando’s demanding behaviour turned a tropical paradise into a nightmare and almost sank the film.
Steel made before we exploded the first nuclear bomb in 1945 isn't radioactive, and some devices need that steel to make them. Geiger counters, which measure radiation levels, are a good example. If you make a Geiger counter out of contaminated steel the instrument will pick up its own radiation. Many medical instruments need to detect radiation at very refined levels – so they cannot be made out of this steel either. Most nuclear accidents release radioactive iodine into the atmosphere, which can be absorbed into the body. When thyroid cells absorb too much radioactive iodine, it can cause thyroid cancer to develop several years after the exposure. Babies and young children are at highest risk. The risk is much lower for people over 40. Thyroid cancer seems to be the only cancer whose incidence rises after a radioactive iodine release. You ate radioactive food today! Technically, all food is slightly radioactive because it contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, and potassium. The natural abundance of each of these elements includes radioactive isotopes. However, some foods are more radioactive than others. There are probably hundreds of thousands of men and women who, because of political differences, maintain minimal or no contact with their parents and, even more cruelly, do not allow their parents to have any contact with their children -- their parents' grandchildren.
A Florida police officer was given three doses of Narcan after she was exposed to fentanyl and overdosed during a traffic. Shocking video shows the moment Officer Courtney Bannick was administered the opioid overdose-reversing drug as she lay motionless on the side of a road. A former flight attendant for Spirit Airlines is suing the company, claiming she was discriminated against and wrongfully fired because she was too overweight to strap herself into a crew jumpseat. Say the word crocodile and many people think of Australia, the Amazon or even those National Geographic specials showing huge reptiles ambushing wildebeests crossing rivers. But there are also American crocodiles. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimated the number of Florida crocodiles have increased to as many as 1,500 to 2,000 adults, coming back from an estimated 300 in 1975. The City of Dubai has a variety of incredible destinations, inventions, and excursions for you to enjoy. Most people across the world desire to visit Dubai and experience the lifestyle here as it is a very popular tourist destination.
Bob Hope dedicated much of his nearly 80-year career to entertaining American troops, both at home and abroad. Undeterred by enemy fire or rough seas, Hope went straight to the front lines, delivering laughter, music and – above all else – a reminder of home to our men and women in uniform, just when they needed it most. Pedo Peter is the alleged nickname given to U.S. President Joe Biden by his son Hunter within the contact list and iMessages leaked during the Hunter Biden iPhone hack that happened on 4chan in July 2022. The nickname was thought to be Biden's because the President used to use the pseudonym Peter Henderson. Exocet is the French word for a flying fish. It is also an anti-shipping missile that can be launched from submarines, surface ships, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Approximately 50% of the Argentinian Exocets fired during the Falklands war hit their targets. The missiles gutted one ship, sank another and severely damaged a third. Fifty-six British and other nationalities in British service were killed. Over a hundred were burned, blinded, maimed, or traumatised. In a move to capture the gay vote, President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law at a jubilant celebration that featured U.S. singer Cyndi Lauper performing ''True Colors'' in front of thousands of supporters on the White House lawn.
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US government engaged in a massive cover-up to hide their foreknowledge of the attack. Any student of World War II history should read this article. There are 1 billion surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence. Recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data. All of this will give you a score which will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go. Operation K was a Japanese naval operation in World War II, intended as reconnaissance of Pearl Harbor and disruption of repair and salvage operations following the surprise attack on 7 December 1941. It culminated on 4 March 1942, with an unsuccessful attack carried out by two Kawanishi H8K ''Emily'' flying boats. Listed here are the worst strategic and tactical failures conducted between 1937 and 1945, ranked by time, resources, morale, and lives wasted. Probably none of them changed the war’s final outcome, but all significantly altered its course and duration.
One of the most troublesome incidents in the pre-Pearl Harbor planning by the Japanese is the so-called ''Winds Code'' incident and what significance, if any, it had for the American code breakers who were monitoring Japanese diplomatic and military communications in the months leading up to the surprise attack. Total victory for the Japanese at Pearl Harbor slips away at 8:10 a.m. on December 5th, 1941. The aircraft carrier Lexington eases out of Hawaii at that hour, the last of the three aircraft carriers based there to leave port. Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined. After two deadly attacks that sank the USS Arizona and killed thousands of crewmen, the Japanese had plans to carry out a third attack – this time going for the repair facilities and the storage oil tanks – which held 4.5 million gallons of fuel.
Shoplifting has been used to justify a resurgent law-and-order politics that has energized GOP campaigns over the past couple of years, with the head of the California Republican Party claiming Walgreens closing five locations in San Francisco was evidence that ''Democratic policies have created a crime spike.'' William Chase was convicted of forgery in the first degree, illegal acts regarding election documents, unlawful acts regarding elector's vote, and repeat voting in same election. Chase was sentenced to 25 years, with the first 15 years to be served in the Georgia Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole. In the movies, people throw knives hard, fast, and with a ton of spin. Blurry, spinning objects are easier to convert to CGI, making it so actors don’t really have to dodge knives. In real life, the more spin you give your knife, the harder it will be to stick it. The Secret Service intercepts threats against the President on a daily basis. Most, like this photo, are simply jokes, not to be taken seriously, but if there is any possibility that the person making the statement isn't kidding, the Service springs into action.
More than you want to know about Kamala Harris and her long-time partner San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. After nearly nine months in a Moscow detention center, the American basketball star Brittney Griner is being transferred to a Russian penal colony. Her appeals have been exhausted, and a U.S. proposal to release a jailed Russian arms smuggler in exchange for Griner’s freedom hasn’t led to a deal. Since their discovery, Faraday cages have been used in various places ranging from chemistry labs where precise and sensitive measurements are required, to US Military and NATO computer centres where any unwanted radio emission must be blocked for security and equipment precision considerations. Stingrays, also known as ''cell site simulators'' or ''IMSI catchers,'' are invasive cell phone surveillance devices that mimic cell phone towers and send out signals to trick cell phones in the area into transmitting their locations and identifying information. When used to track a suspect's cell phone, they also gather information about the phones of countless bystanders who happen to be nearby.
Since 2005, newspaper employment in the country has fallen by more than 50 percent. And while print jobs have taken the biggest hit, the employment picture has darkened in radio, TV, and, recently, digital media as well. News companies continue to cut their most senior (and best-paid) people, and lower levels of hiring have made what had been a tight market for new arrivals even more brutal. The problem is usually in the power pedestal. As the female contact (inside the pedestal) wears, the resistance at the interface increases. As you put a load on the circuit, the heat causes the female terminal to expand, reducing its contact pressure on your plug's male terminals. That, in turn, means even more heat, and more expansion. More than 150 Chinese-born scientists who did U.S. taxpayer-funded military research at the fabled Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are now back home working in China, in some cases, helping develop weapons. He may need his own pardon soon. First son Hunter Biden, who has used the Secret Service code name ''Chieftain,'' appeared Monday at his father’s Thanksgiving turkey pardon — as House Republicans vow to investigate President Biden’s role in his family’s foreign influence-peddling.
The White House denied that the president's visit to the USS Abraham Lincoln had been a costly stunt which delayed the aircraft carrier's homecoming. George Bush made a dramatic deck landing on the carrier in a navy Viking jet warplane which he piloted himself part of the way. Instead of landing at port to meet families, the aircraft carrier circled out at sea to accommodate the president's theatrics. Three regional airlines that provide services for American Airlines on a contract basis have just announced that they will issue a $100,000 bonus to select new-hire pilots. Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines, and PSA Airlines will all offer this bonus to experienced First Officers (FO) from other regionals who are at the point of being eligible to upgrade to captain.  A dual battery isolator works closely with an electrical battery, permitting electricity in a single direction. At the same time, it prohibits electricity from flowing from the opposite direction. For a motorhome, that means the device allows power flow to the engine battery from the alternator to also be directed to the ''house batteries'' when the engine is running, but prevents voltage from flowing back from the house batteries to the engine battery. At first glance, the Mason and Dixon Line doesn't seem like much more than a line on a map, created out of a conflict brought on by poor mapping in the first place…a problem more lines aren't likely to solve. But despite its lowly status as a line on a map, it eventually gained prominence in  collective memory because of what it came to mean to some segments of the American population.
In America under President Joe Biden, the word ''Bidenville'' is beginning to gain traction as a term for a waste-filled, insalubrious tent city inhabited by what the left calls ''people experiencing homelessness'', who often suffer from an unfortunate combination of drug addiction and mental illness. Just before the 2020 presidential election, a website called National File published pages of a journal it said was obtained from ''a whistleblower'' and belonged to President Biden's daughter. The site published what it claimed was ''the full 112-page diary'' that included entries about the author's time in a Florida drug rehabilitation facility as well as the author's romantic interests, family life and other deeply personal topics. Some States, like Arizona, require mail-in ballots to be received by election day. But in Nevada, the law says ''Must be received by 5 p.m. on the fourth day following the election if postmarked by Election Day. Ballots with unclear postmarks received by the third day following the election are deemed to have been postmarked on or before Election Day''. So, if your party is losing on election night, ballots suddenly ''found'' within 3 days, even without proper postmarks, can be counted. Student loan borrowers were promised debt relief if they'd show up to vote for Democrats, which most did. Just two days later, a federal judge struck down Biden's $500 billion student-loan giveaway because he flagrantly lacks the legal power to do it - as he himself had said until he announced it. How does it feel getting conned by the ultimate Boomer, President Joe Biden?
Like Fight Club, there were rules about joining the secret society known as the Order of the Star Spangled Banner (OSSB). An initiation rite called ''Seeing Sam''. The memorization of passwords and hand signs. A solemn pledge never to betray the order. A pureblooded pedigree of Protestant Anglo-Saxon stock and the rejection of all Catholics. And above all, members weren't allowed to talk about the secret society. If asked anything by outsiders, they would respond with ''I know nothing''. Female college athletes are making millions thanks to their large social media followings. But some who have fought for equity in women’s sports worry that their brand building is regressive. I was introduced to Pasta e Fagioli years ago, when a friend invited me to dinner at the Olive Garden. I started to order spaghetti and meatballs, when my friend interrupted, saying he'd like me to try his favorite. So, the order went in for two servings of unlimited bowls of Pasta e Fagioli with unlimited breadsticks. What a deal, and I've since learned to make it at home. The regionals need pilots with experience to operate but such pilots are suddenly in huge demand by major airlines.
After his death, we learned that Charles Lindbergh, in addition to his wife Anne Morrow Lindberg, had three mistresses and children in Germany.  Ach du lieber Himmel ! The last total lunar eclipse for three years will occur on November 8, 2022, with the next occurring on March 14, 2025 — though we will continue to see partial and penumbral lunar eclipses during that time. Operation CHAOS compiled a number of the CIA's illicit activities and was soon feeding information to the FBI's equally suspect COINTELPRO. Anti-war protestors and Black Panther Party members were targeted, while journalists were added to the CIA's payroll. Meanwhile, the CIA and the FBI went almost 400% over budget with these activities . The New York Times has a reputation of a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by appeals to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes.
Gary Larson wrote his comic strips for syndication for over 15 years, each one is funny and some are perfect examples of what comic art can be. Jane Goodall's attorneys were preparing a lawsuit but stopped when they were told that Goodall thought it was awfully funny. New York City native Washington Irving breathed life into the galloping ghost in 1819, when he penned ''The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,'' one of his tales of life among Dutch settlers along the Hudson River. In Deer Park, Texas, 1974, a child named Timothy O’Bryan was poisoned by a Pixy Stix and died an hour later on Halloween night. Everyone in the community returned their children’s candy to the police because they feared that all the candy had been poisoned. The police ran tests on all the candy and there was no poison in any of them. That led to the question, who did it? On Friday, October 7th, 2022, on the cusp of a 3-day weekend, President Biden signed an Executive Order lifting restrictions on how the government spies on US citizens. The move garnered little media attention or controversy – just as the White House had hoped.
Unless you do some research before going to the polls, don't just pick judges and other local officials just because their name looks good. You are better off, as is your local community, if you skip this section and let those who know vote. As for judges, that would most likely be local attorneys and their staff. Historically alcohol was drunk instead of water. In the Middle Ages water was so polluted it caused millions of deaths from water-borne diseases like cholera. So the solution was to drink ale, beer, wine or spirits, as the alcohol purified the water, the main ingredient in all alcoholic drinks. Though the funny pages are usually a distraction from the everyday frustrations of life, Scott Adams' satirical comic strip Dilbert makes the mundane work of the office the source of endless humor. Facebook tracking serves a single purpose: advertising. Advertising remains the largest source of revenue for Facebook. That's why collecting reams of data is essential for their business model, even after diversification into other areas of tech. After collecting your data for years, what does Facebook know about you?
Social media users are claiming that employees working in Congress, the judicial branch, the White House, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the United States Postal Service (USPS), Pfizer and Moderna, as well as undocumented immigrants, are not subject to vaccine mandates. Tip your basket to William Blaxton when you pluck a plump apple from a tree, bob for apples on Halloween or cherish your grandmother's amazing apple pie on Thanksgiving. Reverend Blaxton, among other claims to fame, planted the first seeds that would fuel a pioneering nation and give apples an image of all-American wholesomeness. Going out can be fun sometimes, but like everything else in life, there needs to be a balance. You can’t go out all the time! Sometimes staying in is the best option. It turns out that zooming in on an ant's face is an absolute nightmare. A close-up photograph of an ant was sent in as a submission to the 48th annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition - and the results are freaky. The tight shot of the tiny insect shows the ant's beady red eyes, angry expression and what appears to be long, sharp teeth.
Legend has long held that a cow being milked by Mrs. Catherine O'Leary kicked over a lantern and started the Great Chicago Fire. The story appeared soon after colossal fire that consumed much of Chicago and has spread ever since. But was the cow really the culprit? Walmart is the largest single employer in 19 states, and in almost every single state in the traditional South—the only exception is North Carolina. Given that Walmart is a juggernaut of employment, it's not surprising that the company has established a number of rules its workers have to follow. Three musicians from the iconic American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, plus three other people, were killed in a terrifying plane crash on the Louisiana-Mississippi border on October 20, 1977. Lead singer and founder Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, and his sister, backup singer Cassie Gaines, were all killed on impact. Over the millennia of its existence, humanity has accumulated a huge amount of so-called ''folk wisdom'' - sayings, proverbs and various allegedly wise quotes. These are words that are intended to reflect some kind of rule of conduct.
A memoir about visiting an old college professor who was dying and the final lessons he imparted. Albom’s book, clocking in at just under 200 pages, hit the bestseller charts … and stayed there for years. It sold more than 17.5 million copies (and still counting). It was translated into dozens of languages. Oprah turned it into a movie. It became a cultural touchstone about grief and loss. In 1981, Israeli Air Force F-16s destroyed a nuclear reactor that was being built near Baghdad. Israel said the reactor would provide Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein plutonium to build nuclear bombs, and it must be destroyed. Playing Scrabble in German comes with a few challenges. At first glance, the question might seem absurd: Scrabble is in no way limited to English. It is a truly worldwide game, spanning 29 languages, including several a sight less obscure than the world's 12th most common tongue. ''During my time in intelligence, I had noticed that there was inconsistent internal logic to classification decisions. And I came to see that the classification system exists wholly in the interest of the U.S. government — in other words, it seems to exist not to to keep secrets safe but to control the narrative.''
This is a newspaper ad from the early days of the cold war with Russia. Modern Preppers are getting ready again for the worst situation that might happen. As a remedy and to protect their loved ones, an underground bomb shelter where families can stay is once again a popular idea. As little kids we believe everything our parents say — until reality comes knocking and we start to realize that some things parents say might not be completely true.  Here are some of the biggest lies parents tell, including some they may even believe themselves that need debunking. Having a lot of money you didn't work for isn't everything. The son of one of the richest men on earth didn't work well for Cornelius Junior, dying in 1974 at age 76, leaving a widow and six previous wives all better off than when he met them. An interesting life story. The ways the American public is controlled and spied upon now exceeds imagination. Your mail is being photographed, hidden microphones record conversations on city buses, just try to think up the most bizarre way you can think of, how our overlords are spying on us, and they are probably already doing it.

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